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Chicken and Bacon Caesar (Tesco)

Vendor: Tesco
Location: United Kingdom
Saturday, March 10 2007 17:17

Containing: Chargrilled chicken, maple cure bacon, caesar mayo, cos lettuce, shaved parmesan, malted bread

Review by veg:
It was the look of this sandwich which attracted me rather than the bland name and packaging - it wasn't until I started opening it that I noticed it was their "Sandwich of the Week".
But the first bite was enough to make me halt my progress along Portobello road and cause a minor pedestrian tailback. Every ingredient was of high quality and full of delicious flavour. The chicken was seasoned perfectly, the bacon maple cured and yet still meaty. The cos lettuce was fresh, crispy and, like the mayo, in perfect proportion. As for thin blades of real, flavoursome parmesan cheese: sublime.
The ensemble fulfilled all of my requirements for the perfect sandwich except one: the malted bread. However, as malted bread goes, this wasn't too sweet or offensive. All in all a wonderful sarny experience.

Price: £2.80

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Amount of Filling:-8/10

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