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Mushroom & Ham with Mustard Creme Fraish and Mature Cheddar (Whistlers Cafe)

Vendor: Whistlers Cafe
Location: Fleet, Hampshire, United Kingdom
Wednesday, April 11 2007 13:49

Containing: Mushroom & Ham with Mustard Creme Fraish and Mature Cheddar

Review by Peter Harrison:
Whistlers is the real deal.. Never thought I'd be reviewing a sandwich (toasted actually) but I had to say something! Fantastic artisan (organic) bread, baked shortly before it was made and purchased. Toasted in front of me. Real chefs upstairs making the food that morning, including their own mayonnaise which gives an insight - no packet mixes here. The whole piece tasted fresh, a really great taste combination, and the best sandwich I've had on the high street for years. Topped off with a home made gingerbread which is as close to Grasmere gingerbread (for those that know) as you will find. All washed down with a rather splendid bespoke roast coffee too. Still can't quite believe it. Proper stuff. Real chefs doing real sandwiches. Heartily recommended for lunch in Hampshire.

  • No Mayo

Price: £2.90

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Amount of Filling:-8/10

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