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Tipsy Ploughmans (Greggs)

Vendor: Greggs
Location: Woolwich, United Kingdom
Wednesday, May 02 2007 14:32

Containing: low fat cheddar, lettuce, tomato, apple cider chtuney, red onion, fresh baked bread

Review by Michele:
Finally, Greggs has terminated their obsession with mayo. I never used to buy sandwiches from them, because they were all covered in the revolting stuff. They even had signs on the wall, saying that they did not have time to do custom made sandwiches "for example, with no mayo". However, they have now introduced a new range of non-mayo sarnies, including these 99p half sandwiches. This one is a winner. The red onion provides a tartness that is complimentary to the sweetness of the chutney; the bread is fresh (choice of white or wholemeal. The price is right, too, and this little sandwich is the perfect snack size. Hungrier? Buy 2 for just 1.98. Well done Greggs

  • Vegetarian
  • No Mayo

Price: £0.99

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Amount of Filling:-8/10

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