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Salt Beef (GNER - train buffet job)

Vendor: GNER
Location: GNER train buffet, United Kingdom
Monday, May 14 2007 16:49

Containing: Salt Beef, Spinach, Onion marmalade, some mayo type horseradish stuff

Review by veg:
Buying a sandwich on a train is the act of someone genuinely hungry. You know it probably won't be very good, you know it's going to be outrageously priced and you know you'll spend even more on overpriced drink. But this was ridiculous! Before biting into the meagre looking salt-beef sandwich, I opened it to get a better picture of what I'd bought. Despite not appearing to be very full from the front, it turned out to have been front loaded; beyond a centimetre there was bugger all beef there. Loads of sickly sweet onion marmalade - or "orange coloured jam" as it should really be called. There's no place for this weird sweet jam in a Salt Beef sandwich! Mustard yes. Horseradish...if they must. But sugary jam ?
Visually there were some signs of spinach but that's about it.
Don't bother with this mess.

Price: £3.95

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Amount of Filling:-2/10

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