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Seafood Cocktail (Connoisseur Sandwiches)

Vendor: Spar
Location: Westbourne Park, London, United Kingdom
Wednesday, June 20 2007 12:38

Containing: Crab flavour flakes, prawns, mayo, pepper, paprika, ketchup, wholemeal bread

Review by veg:
Connoisseur Sandwiches look pretty ropey in their packs but being forced to try them in the past, through lack of other options, I was pleasantly surprised. On this occasion I decided to give them another go, especially as this was one of the only wholemeal bread sandwiches on the shelf. Again, it was surprisingly good. No front-loading and absolutely packed with delicious "seafood flavoured" ingredients. The best part was discovering that rather than being overly sweet, like many other vendor's versions of this sandwich tend to be, this had a bit of bite. Pepper and paprika gave this exactly the sort of tang to prolong my interest until the last bite of crust.
Filling, cheap and delicious!

Price: £1.89

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Amount of Filling:-8/10

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