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Roasted Salmon and Egg Salad (Pret A Manger)

Vendor: Pret A Manger
Location: London, United Kingdom
Friday, July 20 2007 11:54

Containing: Raosted salmon, hard boild egg, mustard mayo, salad

Review by veg:
A typically high quality production from the daddy of sandwichiers, Pret. Egg and salmon can be a beautiful combination, but most manufactures plump for the same option of smoked salmon and egg mayo which, whilst being delicious, is difficult to make interesting. But Pret have pushed the envelope by using hard boiled egg slices together with roasted salmon and mustard mayo in the salad. Altogether a gestalt of flavour and texture that fills and pleases with every bite. High quality bread and fresh salad are the extra touches that help justify the considerable price tag. My only complaint is that the fish tasted exactly like mackerel rather than roast salmon; not a problem for me, but other people may not appreciate it.

Price: £2.90

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Amount of Filling:-9/10

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