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Chicken and Bacon (Ginsters)

Vendor: Costcutter
Location: London, United Kingdom
Wednesday, October 03 2007 23:51

Containing: Chicken, bacon, cucumber, seasoned mayo

Review by veg:
Cucumber is an unusual ingredient to find in a sandwich labeled "Chicken and Bacon", and whilst it may infuriate the surprisingly large number of cucumberphobics out there, it certainly does alter the entire timbre of the ensemble. And personally, I loved it. Not only did it alter the texture, providing a crisp edge to the otherwise soggy bacon/mayo mix, but also a refreshing lift in flavour.
Every so often the tranquility of the experience is jarred by a surprising tang of vinegar and pepper in the mayo which really gives this excellent sandwich an advantage over the similar offering from other manufacturers.
It certainly wasn't perfect: nearly three quid, contained evidence of front-loading and the all too common "malted" sugary bread. However these are very minor points and the shop was in a very affluent area of London which may explain the price. In all it seems that Ginsters have sucessfully bridged the gap between pasties and sarnies. Good stuff.

Price: £2.79

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Amount of Filling:-6/10

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